Lindsey Kate is a passionate fashion illustrator, who works with clients of all degrees of experience. She has worked nationally and internationally with bloggers, stylists, personal shoppers, online retailers, catalogs, fashion trackers, corporate companies, fashion and accessory designers, and many individuals to create custom illustrations, designs, and logos.

Graduating as Valedictorian from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design and minor in Art History, Lindsey knows the ins and outs of the fashion community from concept to creation and sales. Lindsey has not only had many fashion creations on the runway, but has also created couture accessories for fashion and hair shows, and has done concept design, styling, and makeup for photo shoots. She very much values the relationships of the collected fashion and artistic world and loves finding inspiration within her contacts as well as in all aspects of her life.

Illustrating, often under strict deadlines, Lindsey seeks to create work that is captivating and fresh, constantly exploring new techniques and media. Her primary materials to work with are marker, acrylic, and watercolour, but she also often works with pencil, gouache, colored pencil, ink, and other mixed media. Creating work that captures the elegance, beauty, and confidence of the female form is something she strives to convey in each piece. Lindsey enjoys working with new people and new ideas, with the opportunity to alter the mood and portray new ideas each time. However, she also finds inspiration in studying historic illustrators and their talents. With this knowledge, as well as a proficient understanding of color theory, textiles, construction, fit, and concept design allows her to successfully illustrate technically accurate designs.

Contact Lindsey to commission work in creative or concept design, to interpret your fashion ideas, self or business promotion, special occasion illustration, advertising, editorial, or logo design. She can be reached at or and would love to hear your idea for your unique fashion illustration need.

Additional Specialties

Bridal Illustration

Illustrating brides is something Lindsey has always had an interest in. Drawn to the style and sentiment attached to a woman’s most extraordinary day is what Lindsey finds really appealing. Capturing this elegance and uniqueness that each bride possesses is the idea behind her one-of-a-kind illustrations. While working as an alterations specialist in a bridal gown store she gained a better understanding of a woman’s wedding day and the individuality that each bride strives to feel. This is what she attempts to exemplify through her work as a bridal illustrator.

Each piece can be customized to match the bride’s hair, makeup, accessories, and gown. With a choice of paper, media, and pose-these illustrations not only make a great piece for the wall alongside a wedding photo, but also make a wonderful gift for newlyweds and anniversaries. She typically works on an 11”x14” scale for these pieces, but can customize the work to match nearly any dimensions.

Live Event Illustrations

Lindsey Kate, a passionate fashion illustrator, is available for hire (and travel) to capture your next great event! From store openings and branding promotions, to charity events, weddings, conferences, and the like, she can help bring a unique touch to any affair-large or small.

Lindsey Kate creates custom illustrations that come to life right before the guests' eyes. These live illustrations are stylized images that showcase specific details of the subject (such as hair, clothing, & accessories) while selectively minimizing others. Fashion illustration can be so compelling because it is not bound by reality as photography is. This idea allows the artist to transcend physical characteristics and portray energy and essence. Lindsey strives to capture the style, elegance, fun spirit, and confidence that each individual possesses in their garment and accessories of choice for the event.

Each image is drawn on high quality paper, which can also be provided by the event host if they choose to add a logo or branding information to each page. The excited guests are able to take their illustrations when they are ready as a gift from the event. It is a wonderful way to memorialize an important time in one's life, an outing to a store event with family or friends, or even a special outfit. Giving the gift of a personalized fashion illustration ensures that those memories made at your event are sure to last a lifetime.

Acrylic Painting

Not only is Lindsey Kate involved in the art of fashion illustration, but she has a strong passion for painting as well. Specializing in pure and partial abstraction, as well as Abstract Expressionism, Lindsey works primarily with acrylic on canvas. Many of her pieces are inspired by the natural world which she believes connects everyone both physically and spiritually.

Modern art and the theory behind it have always been Lindsey’s areas of interest and it continues to motivate her and her creations. It is the emotional involvement in the work that really intrigues her, not just in the creative process, but even more so in the viewing of the finished product. She hopes that the work she creates can evoke an emotional response for each and every person, allowing them to get lost in the expanses and interaction of color. No two people’s interaction with the piece will probably ever be the same, she believes. Even within one viewer, as their mood changes so can the aura of the piece, making abstract art endlessly exciting.

Lindsey Kate creates custom original work, but her pieces can also be printed on canvas and purchased as enlargements.